Sargent's Oyster House

Sargent's Oyster House in its orgiinal location on the waterfront in Allyn


Relocate and restore Allyn's historic Sargent's oyster processing house for use as a "working" museum and educational vehicle for the oyster farming industry and Allyn history.


18560 SR3 Allyn (Port of Allyn Waterfront Park) MAPClick to open a location map in a new window



Clean-up, siding removal and basic stabilization.

Work in progress.

Permitting, full stabilization, removing and replacing existing concrete floor.

Next actions.

Restore interior, repair doors and windows, replace and paint siding, demolish old launch ramp, construct piling and base, move structure to overwater location, establish museum.

Target completion.


Estimated cost.


Funding sources.

Capital Heritage Project Fund, Mason County Historical Society Heritage Grant , Heritage and Arts Caucus.

Other potential sources of funding.

Donations, grants and captial appropriations.

Current funding.

Requested $216,300, match $233,915, NBHS $102,160


We have had some substantial donations come in toward this project. Donations from Taylor Shellfish, from Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers and the Squaxin Tribe. We have used these donations toward the stabilization of the Oyster house. A big thanks to Sunpath Construction that is excellent at historical preservation of buildings. They have been so helpful in this process. We also got a grant from the Mason County Historical Committee toward the purchase of new replicated siding for the Oyster House. We had a certified asbestos removal volunteer come and remove the old siding along with some volunteers from the North Bay Historical Society. It was a job well done!

Bonnie Knight and Judy Scott went to the Historical Caucus at the Capitol and Bonnie gave an excellent presentation of which many know of the project and support it whole heartedly. However, we will see about if they love it enough to fund it...

We will continue to present this project until it's done! Also our shoreline biologist/permit guy Bill Rehe has been absolutely stellar in his expertise in helping us get shoreline permits necessary for the project. We are slowly but surely progressing. People are getting the vision for it!

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