Belfair Wayfinding Signage


Develop wayfinding signage throughout Belfair proper which replicates the same design and Belfair logo – helping to create a 'sense of place' in our community. In addition we will purchase planter pots for along the roadway, place intermittent logo benches along the roadway and local trail systems and offer businesses logo waste receptacles to further repeat a consistent Belfair theme. In addition, we will create a few waterfalls along the corridor if ample funding from the community is provided.


NM Chamber Belfair Beautification Committee WEBSITEClick to open in a new window


Along new SR3 in Belfair



Conceptual design complete, fundraising nearing completion

Target completion.


Estimated cost.


Funding sources.

Individual donations / business sponsorships. Rotary, Lions, Eagles , Kiwanis and Skookum Rotary have donated as well

Other potential sources of funding.

Port of Allyn, NMFA and CHI. Hoping for assistance from Mason County for additional two signs. Applying for several additional small grants locally

Current funding.

Raised approximately $11,000 and secured two additional sign sponsorships


None foreseen other than funding. Possible WSDOT concern over pots along sidewalk?


Special thanks to Keith Chamberlin of Ornamental Stone for the generous pricing he is offering this community project. Special thanks to Hansen Signs for special project pricing in support of our efforts
 Design of themed signage for Belfair
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