Observation Tower, Educational / ​Recreational
Kiosk & Duck Hunting Access

Observation tower at Percival Landing Park in Olympia as an example of the type of structure planned


Develop a 35-50- observation tower overlooking the Hood Canal / wetlands and mountain range. Develop an educational kiosk area on the estuary and surrounding environment. Develop an informational kiosk area directing visitors to regional recreational opportunities. Provide parking for duck hunters to access the water as well.


Pacific Northwest Salmon Center WEBSITEClick to open pnwsalmoncenter.org in a new window


Intersection of NE Alder Creek Ln & SR3 in Belfair (22000 block SR3) MAPClick to open a location map in a new window


In planning

Target completion.


Estimated cost.


Anticipated funding sources.

Environmental, educational, recreational granting agencies

Other potential sources of funding.

Legislative funding, private philanthropy, 'in kind' donations for project design, site prep and materials


County height restrictions


This site is owned by WDFW. It was purchased for recreation/​conservation. It will continue to be used for recreation/​conservation and education. Commercial interests or commercial sponsorships would not be allowed or pursued anywhere on this project. It is anticipated the large highway advertising billboard will be removed from this site in 2019.
ABC does not directly sponsor projects.