North Mason Regional Trail–Phase 1: Romance Hill Loop


This project includes the addition of 1.7 miles of trail to the existing trail network in Belfair, WA. The trail will include two trailheads that will also serve future phases of the trail system.


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North Mason (Belfair State Park to North Bay)

Target completion.


Estimated cost.


Funding sources.

Private donations

Other potential sources of funding.

The trail follows along a creek and wetland that is in need of restoration, there are potential partnerships with the USFWS Partners and Coastal Wetlands funding programs if we can get a design in hand for the wetland and creek restoration at the same time as we have a design for the trail.


The path of the trail follows an old road bed and crosses through multiple landowner parcels. Certain sections of the trail may have to be rerouted to avoid non-consenting parcels which will increase the cost of trail building
 Romance Hill Trail Concept–Master Plan
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